Technical Documentation


  Herzl Weinstube
Prokopigasse 12 / Mehlplatz
8010 Graz
tel +43-316-824300
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18:00  Start

18:30 “Technical Documentation: Making Documentation Usable” Werner Schwaiger FH Joanneum Graz, Masterlehrgang Technische Dokumentation (TED) slides

19:00 “Case Studies: Technical Documentation in the Real World”

   o Synnøva O'Gorman
     Hyperwave, Graz
     <a href="">slides</a>

   o Stefan Barowitsch
     Komptech, Frohnleiten

   o Christian Pschaid
     itl - Agentur für technische Dokumentation, Vienna

20:00 Discussion

21:00 End

Meetup Notes

The informal notes of the meetup will be written both live and afterwards (anyone can edit) in the etherpad at:

Twitter: @uxgraz #uxgraz


A large screen display (or projector) is available to connect laptops to. Wifi is available for a limited number of speakers/presenters. Bring your own mobile internet if you can. Food is usually available until 23:00.

Future Meetups

If you would like to give a short presentation, book review, or have other suggestions for a future meetup, please email Keith Andrews (