Eye Tracking


  Herzl Weinstube
  Prokopigasse 12 / Mehlplatz
  8010 Graz
  tel +43-316-824300
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  18:00  Start

18:30 "Eye Tracking at FH Joanneum: High-Cost to Low-Cost" Tobii X2-60, with Mobile Device Stand SMI ETG2 Eye Tracking Glasses The Eye Tribe Devkit (≈ €100) Tobii EyeX Devkit (≈ €100) Jochen Martin and Konrad Baumann, FH Joanneum

19:00 "Eye Tracking at Graz University of Technology" SMI RED SMI ETG2 Eye Tracking Glasses, with VR Module Usability, Game Design, VR Johanna Pirker and Keith Andrews, IICM, Graz University of Technology Roxane Koitz, IST, Graz University of Technology Volker Settgast, CGV, Graz University of Technology

19:30 "Eye Tracking at Joanneum Research" SMI ETG2 Eye Tracking Glasses Real-time Attention, 2-D/3-D Gaze Mapping Michael Schwarz, Joanneum Research

20:00 Discussion

21:00 End

Meetup Notes

The informal notes of the meetup will be written both live and afterwards (anyone can edit) in the etherpad at:


Twitter: @uxgraz #uxgraz


A large screen display (or projector) is available to connect laptops to. Wifi is available for a limited number of speakers/presenters. Bring your own mobile internet if you can. Food is usually available until 23:00.

Future Meetups

If you would like to give a short presentation, book review, or have other suggestions for a future meetup, please email Keith Andrews (kandrews@iicm.edu).